IMG_4238Claustrophobia is our usual game played on Halloween season – it looks great, all figures are already painted, rules are easy and play time is about 45 minutes (per scenario) – perfect if you play with 8 year old.

 Of course it is not kid’s game 😉 It’s 2 player dungeon crawler where one player takes role of Condemned Warriors while your opponent control forces of evil. Both sides play little differently.

IMG_4237 ‘Good guys’ assign dice rolled to determined their stats for upcoming turn, than move and attack. You can explore dungeon by drawing dungeon tile, use cards and items and just survive while trying to complete scenario’s objective.

IMG_4240 IMG_4241‘Bad guys’ wants to kill you…slow you down and kill you ;). As bad guy you first roll 3 dice and assign them on Board of Destiny – depending how you assign your dice you get different abilities, bonuses or extra actions i.e. draw cards or have stats boost etc. Than you can spawn your demons onto the board using treat points (gained from Board of Destiny) and activate each of it (again: move and attack).

IMG_4246 IMG_4247 IMG_4239Game in general is easy but you need that little bit of strategy and luck in order to win. Both sides play very different as they have different objectives. My son always want to play as demon player and in most cases wins…Good game with interesting setup if you are looking for quick 2-player adventure.

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  1. Unfortunately I have a Polish version of the base game and there are no expansions published in Polish – I don’t want to mix two different language version ;). Only recently I saw 2nd expansion Furor Sanguinis and looks like this one is language independent so might check it in future.

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