Thursday Night week 21 (Fury of Dracula)

After last week session of Fury of Dracula we have decided to play this game again (yes, it is that good). It’s semi-coop adventure, all against one masterpiece, really. There is huge luck factor involved as you need to roll dice quite often (combat, travel by train, some of events etc.) and sometimes luck in getting good cards can change a game significantly – still, it’s just super fun and I love it!


Game in it’s concept is similar to Letters of Whitechapel or Scotlandyard – Hunters are trying to catch (and kill) Dracula before 6th day. Each city Dracula is in is marked with location card played faced down in trail tracker and if any of Hunters are in location visited by Count D than this location card is revealed giving Hunters some idea where should they look for him.

20140522_220603If you visit big city you need to draw a card from Inventory deck and/or from Event deck. Events can be good for Hunters or for Dracula so you have to draw from bottom of the deck. Inventory cards include such a great items as Holy Water, Crucifix, Garlic and many more – great weapon against vampires 😉 Each Hunter has different special abilities like draw more cards or re-roll train dice etc.

20140522_221149All in all – this game is great fun but I think you need proper group of people to play it and 5+ players. Game is out of print for some time and can be quite expensive to get it these days (there was one copy to buy on last Knavecon and apparently for unbelievable price of €20). 10/10 and highly recommend to play it!

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