Lord of the Rings LCG (pics)

IMG_4513Recent problems with my old TV forced me to spent few evenings with Lord of the Rings LCG card game I got myself last year for birthday. I only got core set and 2 expansion packs: Hunt for Gollum and Conflict at the Carrock but it was enough for a start.

It’s worth mention I am not hardcore fan of Middle-Earth but absolutely love this game after this second encounter (first one was few games back in January 2014). Cards art is superb and I have decided to try and make few pics 😉

IMG_4509 IMG_4507 IMG_4503Game can be played solo or 2 players (and more with another core set I believe). Rules are OK and only problems are with some of the cards text interpretation – usual for any cards game – FAQ and Boardgamegeek are there to clarify everything.

IMG_4504 IMG_4505 IMG_4510 IMG_4523Each scenario should not take longer than 45 minutes and it is pure fun so far for me. Important aspect of this game is building your own deck – some people say it’s even better than to play it later.

IMG_4519 IMG_4500 IMG_4499 IMG_4498 IMG_4497Well, looking for more expansions right now and  to play some multiplayer at Knavecon 5 as I know at least 2 fellow gamers that owns this fantastic game.

IMG_4502 IMG_4501 IMG_4443IMG_4515Highly recommend to try it if you are into solo or 2-player coop card games and not afraid of Living Card Game concept.


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