Thursday Night week 10 (Imperial 2030)

Another great Thursday Night. We have started with few games of Cash and Guns – fast and funny party game where you need to kill others and collect most money – it’s OK, not bad…but not that great either. Next was Poo: The Card Game – well, this one was funny 😉 You are throwing poo at other players (yes) to win 😉 There are different cards to protect you or to re-direct poo to hit other players – it’s funny player elimination, light card game. If you have spare 10 minutes it’s fantastic game, not sure how this will work after 5 plays. Next one was mighty Imperial 2030 – what a game!!!


You take control of country by purchasing shares in that country so it is possible to control more than one (or none!). You can actually win this game without even playing it – if you have shares of countries that are doing very well. Governments are changing all the time and countries ownership change hands from player to player – there was big sign on Knavecon 2: THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY just to remind players that they do not own specific color.

20140307_002452Brian who controlled China from start to end triggered game end by reaching 25 points, however it was Drax who won the game as he had a little bit of USA (my initial country), little bit of India, some of Europe etc – all of which were high on score track. I have lifted USA high on score track and than Drax took control of it (I was happy enough as still had lot of shares), unfortunately I have invested heavily into Russia which was really bad move after all. Some bad rules interpretation left me without money and I was not able to invest in other countries. After all this is 10 out of 10 game – even after loosing badly. Highly recommend to try this game, my top 5.


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