Dice Brewing



Beer + games = perfect combination 😉 Dice Brewing is game published with help of crowdfunding by Polish company board&dice. It is nice and not that easy dice game with some great graphics and pretty good production quality.

Dice Brewing is unfortunately 4-player only which currently limits it’s playability with my group…At the start of game you are given 4 dice: yellow for light malt, black for dark malt, green for hops and blue for brewing skills.

IMG_4354Your goal (as a brewer) is to use dice to brew different types of beer and gain VP and/or other rewards i.e. more dice, gold, seeds etc. You can choose your recipe from 3 to 4 available for each player.

IMG_4357 IMG_4359Each round players uses their player boards and dice to acquire and develop more dice, change dice results, re-roll and few more actions.

IMG_4353You can also buy some spices or special ingredients that added to beer will give you more VP’s or gold. Black market tokens offer you some extra actions like re-roll opponents dice, lock recipe or change dice value.

IMG_4355 IMG_4356

It all looks easy at first but there’s is a lot of decisions to make and I have already identified few people that will kill this game with their analysis paralysis 😉 On the other hand I have played it with my 8 year old son and it was surprisingly good and fun + educational (how beer is made). Cards looks very, very good and are decent quality, same with other components – it’s just good value for money.

IMG_4352 IMG_4362First edition comes with 3 language versions: English, Polish and German – game itself is language independent.

IMG_4360 IMG_4361To summarize: for €25 this is a great game – it’s not filler or light game so I would not take it to pub but definitely can be enjoyed accompanied with some good craft beer 😉

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