IMG_6783 There is nothing better to be defeated by 10 year old son in 14+ years suggested ages boardgame! This boardgame is also my birthday present! Seasons is fantastic game so far. It plays under 60 mins (2 players), looks great and it’s fun and easy – even 10 years old can play it!

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Imperial Settlers

P1070599Imperial Settlers is pretty much best Polish design in recent years and I am lucky one to have a copy signed by it’s designer Ignacy Trzewiczek (it’s says ‘Green Fields of Ireland’).

This game is simple worker placement/card drawing for 1 to 4 players. Below are few pictures of it cartoonish style graphics.

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KnaveKids countdown – Turtles (Ribbit)

IMG_3947I am responsible for 99% of Turtles game copies in Ireland 😉 Game was introduced at Knavecon 2 few years ago and became instant hit. One of those games that can be enjoyed by kids and adults. Some people even suggested to play it for money. Simple rules, very fast, great components. Get your turtle the first to reach the lettuce using your 5 cards hand. Thing is you do not know what colour are other players. Jump on the back of others and let them carry you to finish line 😉

IMG_4624Pictured above are 5 and 7 year old and as you can see they enjoy it a lot ;).

Just remember that ‘advanced’, unofficial version must be played with adults: winner is turtle on top and not on the bottom like in official rules.

Several copies of Turtles will be available to play at KnaveKids. We might even do small ‘tournament’.

New edition of Through the Ages

Czech Games Edition is working on new, updated version of Through the Ages. Game should be ready for this year Essen. Below are few pics from this new edition (not final).

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Dice Brewing



Beer + games = perfect combination 😉 Dice Brewing is game published with help of crowdfunding by Polish company board&dice. It is nice and not that easy dice game with some great graphics and pretty good production quality.

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Pedzace Jeze aka Honeybears aka Bucket Brigade


Pedzace Jeze is Polish re-theme of Reiner Knizia’s Honeybears (or Bucket Brigade) and ‘sequel’ to successful and very good Pedzace Zolwie (aka Ribbit). Actually, Hedgehogs were designed 10 years before Turtles 😉

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IMG_4238Claustrophobia is our usual game played on Halloween season – it looks great, all figures are already painted, rules are easy and play time is about 45 minutes (per scenario) – perfect if you play with 8 year old.

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Warhammer: Diskwars

Just a few pictures from Warhammer: Diskwars – game with such a great graphic style and not that expensive…well, if you stick to Core Set 😉 IMG_4156

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Thursday Night week 40 (Level 7 [Omega Protocol])

Level 7

Doom the boardgame + Descent 2ed + dash of Xcom = Level 7 [Omega Protocol]. First time we played it months ago and it was just OK, last night play was great! This time we played Mission 3 and while I have requested owner of the game to give us some background story behind our mission I was just ignored with: you start here and need to get there.

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