Warhammer: Diskwars

Just a few pictures from Warhammer: Diskwars – game with such a great graphic style and not that expensive…well, if you stick to Core Set 😉 IMG_4156

Game borrowed from Victor, so far played once against my 8 yr old son – I can see potential here 😉 Game can be really enjoyable (I think), only thing that can be a problem are some rules (especially Melee phase) – a little bit complicated…

IMG_4154I like to tried it more but as it is in general 2-player game it will probably never hit the table at Victor’s house on Thursday Nights ;). There are multilayer rules for up to 4 players but again, too much complicated rules as for such a light game 😉

IMG_4155 IMG_4157IMG_4158IMG_4153












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