Adventure Time Card Wars (mobile)

If you have kids you probably know Adventure Time cartoon – it’s ugly when you first see it but then there is something interesting in it, kids love it and when I spotted actual card game based on this series (actually card game based on card game played in one of episodes) I decided to check what’s the story 😉


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Catan Dice Game

Catan Dice Game on Android is just mobile version of same game. It is free and very simple, solo experience only, each game is 5 to 10 minutes. Each turn you can roll your 6 dice up to 3 times, can keep some of it or re-roll all. Once you get set required for road, knight, settlement or city you can use those dice and build it. You are trying to build as many of above as possible. For each knight you build you may use extra resource (only once). You have to build buildings and knights in sequence starting with lowest number. Each road must be connected to each other. Game ends after 15 rounds and your total score is sum of all turns minus 2 points for each turn without score. Download it here for free. Can you beat my 73 points high-score? 😉


End of game

End of game

Can you beat me?

Can you beat me?


Mr Jack Pocket (mobile)

Mr Jack Pocket is great 2 player game and this Android version is here just to prove it, I have only one problem with it…price. €3.90??? That’s too much…Game is easy: one player is Jack the Ripper and other controls investigators (Holmes, Watson and dog). You have 8 turns to escape (Jack) or find Jack (investigator) and will use few available actions. Super filler and with mobile version you can play solo.

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