KnaveKids countdown – Risk

People behind Knavecon event decided to organize something similar to it yet different: boardgaming convention for kids and families! We have tried kids corner on last Knavecon and it was quite popular and successful – there were of course some issues but lot of experience gained and more ideas for future. The idea is to encourage families to play games together. Play games that are fun for parents and kids. I will try to show here few games ‘tested’ on my kids. All of them were played together with parents.

First one is all time classic Risk (Enhanced edition)

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Knavecon 4 – family games day ;)

Knavecon 4 completed. Usually I do not play games on Knavecon, rather chase my kids around but this time we (Daniel is 8 yr old) managed to play few:

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Waiting for Knavecon 4

Knavecon 3 was success as expected 😉 New venue but same great event, lots of shops, huge amount of games to play. This time we had our kids to mind so didn’t play any heavy games but still manage to play few quick ones: 2 x Nogi Stonogi, 1 x Budowa Zamku, 1 x Kosmiczna Misja, 1 x Nuts!, 2 x Tsuro, 2 x Coup. I was not very successful selling games, only 2 found new owners ;). Thanks Wee Gamers for below pictures (you can find more on their Facebook). Waiting for Knavecon Vic to announce date for next event.


Boys are just in the middle of Budowa Zamku – youngest one won it!!! (with a little help from parents)


Tsuro – just checking rules to be sure we are playing it right 😉

Fun Cakes 😉


Making our own business 😉 Fun Cakes first appearance on Knavecon

Knavecon 3

KnaveCon Poster_02-page-001Knavecon 2 was great and I am sure Knavecon 3 will be even better – more games, more shops, few tournamets 😉 I am looking to sell/swap few games so make sure you bring yours as well. See you all there on Saturday.

Check for more at official Knavcon Facebook profile here.