[Wishlist] Blue Moon Legends

Blue Moon Legends will be my last attempt to draw my son’s attention to boardgames. He is 7 and he will play games from time to time but without any excitement/interest. This game will be just revised edition of Reiner Knizia’s Blue Moon and including all expansions, published by Fantasy Flight Games (you know: big manuals and great components). It’s 2 players only, with cards and few figures and it’s not cooperative – these are only reasons I will try it with my son. Release date: Q1 2014.


Flash Point Fire Rescue

I had high hopes for Flash Point Fire Rescue, wanted to play this with my kids as it is co-op game, fire-fighters co-op game. Well, it didn’t really work 😉 Older son (7) refuses to play any game if there is no fighting and hates each and every co-op game we have. Younger son (4) really likes to play it but we are limited to simplified family rules. Never played it with adults. There are few expansions available and base game cost around €30. If your kids are into cooperative games than this should work very well.

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