Knavecon 4 – family games day ;)

Knavecon 4 completed. Usually I do not play games on Knavecon, rather chase my kids around but this time we (Daniel is 8 yr old) managed to play few:

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Rycerze i Zamki (Knights and Castles)

Another game in ‘Good game in a good price’ line that I got is Rycerze i Zamki – for a price of a pint (around €5) we get fast filler with surprisingly good components quality (for this price) and pretty fun gameplay.

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Kosmiczna Misja (Space mission)

Kosmiczna misja isΒ  simple kids game that I got while on holidays in Poland – it cost 19.90 PLN which is circa €5 (!!!). It’s a part of ‘Good game at good price’ project where all the games in that line are just 19.90 PLN. Kosmiczna misja is tile placement game aiming for kids age 6+, however we had a good time playing it at Thursday Night Gaming few weeks ago. It’s simple: build planets with as many space stations as possible.


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Cube Quest

I have only one dexterity game in my collection – Cube Quest. It is pretty cheap, rules are easy and you can play it in 5-10 minutes. Kids love it…well, until first 5 defeats in a row ;).


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Nogi Stonogi aka SchuhBidu aka Centipede Legs

Just back from winter holidays with few new games (mostly kids games) – one that we really like is Nogi Stonogi (Centipede Legs). This is fast and simple dice game where your target is to have longest centipede at the end of game πŸ˜‰ Each turn you have 3 rolls of 4 dice with different color shoes (and one joker) and claim one of the tiles (4, 3 or 2 legs). When no more tiles available to claim game ends – simple as that. ‘Advanced rules’ are that you can claim another player legs that match your dice roll (only last tile of your centipede). What is really great about this? Well, it is one of those simple games that are funny to play with kids as well as with adults and for the price of 8 euro it is just must buy πŸ˜‰ Really πŸ˜‰


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Turtles!!! (Reiner Knizia’s Ribbit)

Game known under English name Ribbit was an unexpected hit on latest Knavecon . I have organized special delivery of Polish edition (Pedzace Zolwie) to Ireland for fantastic €14.50 (including delivery). This game might look like a kids game (it is kids game) but when you change victory condition (just a little bit) you get one of the best super-fast, strategy game on the market πŸ˜‰ Well, not really but it is good game anyway…


Panic Lab

Something for kids. Easy and fun to play. Tested on 3.5 yr old and almost 7 yr old. Only Β£10 on


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