Thursday Night week 1 (Terra Mystica)

Hosted by Thur Night, plenty of junk food and coffee, every Thursday somewhere near Limerick 😉

Week #1 game of the night was Terra Mystica. It’s heavy euro game with lots of wooden cubes and very nice boards. There are many, many things you can do each turn (8+ actions to choose from) but rules are not that bad (thanks John)…it’s just a lot of things you can do each turn that can complicate things a little bit. There are few things similar to other games (Settlers of Catan, Eclipse etc.) and if you are gamer it should be pretty easy to get in quickly – just don’t show Terra Mystica to casual or non-gamers, they will have no clue what to do 😉 Strong 8 out of 10 after first play! Cost between €45-65.

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