Thursday Night week 8 (Nations)

After missing few Thursdays due to holidays and house moving I have eventually managed to play few games last night with Mr. Timewalk. Game of the day was Nations but we started with quick game of Kosmonauts – it’s a race game placed is Solar system and your goal is to land on planets, get victory tokens and go back to Earth. I like this game and will post more about it some time later. Next was Mascarade – an absolute winner for me! Quick, bluffing, memory type of game where – something similar to Love Letter and Coup but with some chaos involved as you can swap cards without showing to other if you actually swapped it or not. One of the action is checking what card you have and with all the swaps (or ‘swaps’) you sometimes have no clue who you play 😉  I think lads didn’t really like it but I hope to play it more. Well, game of the day was Nations. Through the Ages Lite? Not really – they took best things from TTA, added some mechanics from other games, shorten play time and we have possible, future number 1 on ranking.


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