Nogi Stonogi aka SchuhBidu aka Centipede Legs

Just back from winter holidays with few new games (mostly kids games) – one that we really like is Nogi Stonogi (Centipede Legs). This is fast and simple dice game where your target is to have longest centipede at the end of game 😉 Each turn you have 3 rolls of 4 dice with different color shoes (and one joker) and claim one of the tiles (4, 3 or 2 legs). When no more tiles available to claim game ends – simple as that. ‘Advanced rules’ are that you can claim another player legs that match your dice roll (only last tile of your centipede). What is really great about this? Well, it is one of those simple games that are funny to play with kids as well as with adults and for the price of 8 euro it is just must buy 😉 Really 😉


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