[Kickstarter] Dragon Tides

Bruce Lee + boardgame + miniatures? Looks like a winner πŸ˜‰ I would love something like this to be a good game…there is USD 175 pledge including 4 copies and international shipping so ‘only’ USD 43.75 per game. Anyone?

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Knavecon 4 – family games day ;)

Knavecon 4 completed. Usually I do not play games on Knavecon, rather chase my kids around but this time we (Daniel is 8 yr old) managed to play few:

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Spartacus: The Shadow of Death expansion!!!

10610830_682035445206918_1792170939213992101_nGale Force Nine announced 2nd expansion for brilliant Spartacus the boardgame: Spartacus: The Shadow of Death, we will get new versions of Spartacus, Crixus and Theokoles with some new Primus abilities as well as new house and few new gladiators figures. Available Winter 2014. More info on GF9 Facebook page.

Buy, sell and swap boardgames in Ireland (Facebook group)

If you are interested in any buy, sell and swap transaction on all boardgames/cardgames related items you are welcome to join below Facebook group


All are welcome!

Rycerze i Zamki (Knights and Castles)

Another game in ‘Good game in a good price’ line that I got is Rycerze i Zamki – for a price of a pint (around €5) we get fast filler with surprisingly good components quality (for this price) and pretty fun gameplay.

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Thursday Night week 21 (Fury of Dracula)

After last week session of Fury of Dracula we have decided to play this game again (yes, it is that good). It’s semi-coop adventure, all against one masterpiece, really. There is huge luck factor involved as you need to roll dice quite often (combat, travel by train, some of events etc.) and sometimes luck in getting good cards can change a game significantly – still, it’s just super fun and I love it!

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Eldritch Horror

I have never played any Cthulhu game, never read any of the books…than decided to buy Eldritch Horror πŸ˜‰ Good choice as this is another 10/10 in my collection. Some reviews claiming this game to be Arkham Horror Lite or 2.0 – no idea if this is true as I was not able to go through Arkham Horror manual (game was sitting on shelf for 3 months).

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Kosmiczna Misja (Space mission)

Kosmiczna misja isΒ  simple kids game that I got while on holidays in Poland – it cost 19.90 PLN which is circa €5 (!!!). It’s a part of ‘Good game at good price’ project where all the games in that line are just 19.90 PLN. Kosmiczna misja is tile placement game aiming for kids age 6+, however we had a good time playing it at Thursday Night Gaming few weeks ago. It’s simple: build planets with as many space stations as possible.


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Cube Quest

I have only one dexterity game in my collection – Cube Quest. It is pretty cheap, rules are easy and you can play it in 5-10 minutes. Kids love it…well, until first 5 defeats in a row ;).


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Eldritch Horror (preview)

Just ordered, my first Cthulhu game, supposed to be Arkham Horror Lite πŸ˜‰ More of Eldritch Horror as soon as I play first game